About MPI

At MPI we believe in harnessing real time information from data analytics and sharing decision. We provide content to media solutions thus equipping our clients in becoming leading brands in the market.

Our technologies and models support and contribute to our client marketing communication, sales and content-to-media production. We partner with your IT teams, supporting them throughout the design, planning and execution of projects. this dynamics information with our clients, enabling them to make market driven.

Our Vision

Connecting entrepreneurs to markets

Our Purpose

Creating a platform for deepening your understanding of the African economic markets hence
widening your options through innovation and digital channels.

Our Values

Creating a platform for deepening your understanding of the African economic markets hence
widening your options through innovation and digital channels

Honesty: Our high level of honesty enables us to distinguish between right from wrong and doing the right thing. We speak our opinion with due diligence needed to create forth positive impact and sustainable change. We are given to efficiency and observe a high degree of confidentiality when it comes to our clients’ information. We therefore do not misconstrue our purpose in soliciting for information from the client. We are honest driven by integrity, and as such we only make promises we can keep. We evaluate, and make our decision based on informed actions, and ask whether we can defend them openly today and tomorrow.

Trusted services: Since its inception, MPI has grown at an extraordinary rate without diminishing its unique qualities that make people want to work for—and with—us. It is an exceptional feat, coupled with our values. Our strong culture anchored in a clear set of values continues to be essential in building a global organization capable of making real difference. Succeeding at this means having teams which are given and fully committed at re-evaluating and reaffirming our call to service delivery.

Speedy and quality service: Whether our Consultants are advising you, planning and streamlining your deployment, upgrading management systems, or evaluating, and maturing your brand performance, they provide unrivalled experience, expertise, and industry intelligence. From Market Research and Surveys, Stock analysists, Business news and digital marketing, MPI employees work with you to garner maximum value, and quality for speedy service delivery for your brand.

We respect our customers: At MPI we are driven by the success of our clients’. We strive to understand the needs and demands of our customers in a respectful and honourable manner, which enables us to enjoy a mutually respectful and wholeheartedness which assures them their success. We are customer-centric, ever seeking to identify our clients’ real needs, not just delivery of good work, but rather the client comes first.

Our services ensure that:

  • We Secure your enterprise in today’s ever-changing business environment
  • Partner with lead services experts for attainment of your business goals
  • Offer Stand by and specialized access to technical expertise when you need it
  • Aligning our solutions to custom serve your business needs
  • Effective management which reduces